Pilestone uses advanced light-filtering technology that refines the light before it reaches the eyes, our glasses will turn the spectrum into an acceptable band. This allows the eyes to accept the colour information, which makes it possible to send the right signals to the brain.


Pilestone offers 5 unique different lenses that ensures the colour blind community not only has the most accurate but best results they could hope for. Each lens works differently, so while a person with colour blindness could try on one lens and have little to no results they could then try on another and the results can be life-changing. For each lens, Pilestone work hard on bringing new designs allowing our customers to both look, and feel good while maintaining perfect colour vision! 


Outdoor / Indoor Lens Technology

Pilestone have developed both outdoor and indoor lenses. Our outdoor colour blind glasses will always obtain their best results from bright environments such as the sunlight which will bring maximum colour impact. However, we have implemented all of our glasses with the optimal technology that will help provide results in lower lighting conditions, and for this reason, we encourage customers to choose an outdoor model for their primary pair. Pilestone's indoor model will however always give you the best results in lower lighting conditions. The lens has been specifically designed to detect light in conditions such as cooking, watching television, browsing on a laptop, or simply bouncing from app to app on your mobile phone. In fact, you can feel free to rock them during any and all indoor activities.