About Us: Pilestone Colour Blind Experts

A Global Online Company for the Colour Blind.


Birthed and founded in Philadelphia, USA on July 2011, CEO and visionary Ben Zhuang is a Doctor of Philosophy with Post Doctorate degree in Molecular Biology. Passionate in his craft in medical science and entrepreneurship, he established Pilestone with the aim of providing aid to the colour blind community.


Over the years, Pilestone proved its reputation and is making a name as an ecommerce brand not only in UK, but all across the globe. Partnering with individuals that support the colour blind community, we advocate in improving lives by bringing the most advanced technology in improving one’s vision and giving a different perspective on what the real world looks like in full colours.



Pilestone is committed in providing top of the line, yet affordable colour blind glasses that can be worn regardless of age and daily activities.
With advanced light-filtering technology, our colour corrective eyeglasses are capable of refining the light before it reaches the eye turning the spectrum into an acceptable band.
This in turn allows the eyes to accept colour information making it possible to send the right signals to the brain.
We offer 5 different and stylish lenses that ensures not only accuracy in colour acuity but also provides the best results that people in the colour blind community can hope for.
Each lens works differently and offer contrasting results, so when a colour blind person may try on one lens but gets little to no results, he or she could try another one to get the results he or she wanted.
Pilestone has dedicated so much passion and hard work to deliver new designs that allows customers to look and feel good while precisely maintaining the perfect colour vision.



With so much dedication to bring you the best and quality colour corrective glasses and lenses in the market that's affordable and durable, we carefully crafted our lenses to be versatile on both outdoor and indoor use.


Our outdoor colour blind eyeglasses displays its best results of maximum colour impact when exposed to well lit and bright environments.


All of our glasses are equipped with optimal technology that helps in providing results even in low lighting conditions, and with this, we encourage our customers and patrons to purchase the outdoor model as their primary pair of colour corrective eyeglasses or lenses.


Aimed with precision workmanship, our lenses are specifically designed to detect light in whatever activities one is engaged in. May it be cooking, watching television, browsing in front of your computer, or even bouncing from app to app on your mobile phone, in-fact you can feel free to rock our colour blind glasses in any other indoor activities.