I’d like to buy some glasses for my husband but I’m a bit stuck on which ones to try because I don’t know what kind of colour blindness he suffers from.


Pilestone lens types A and B are universal, so do not require a test to try and establish which type of colour blindness he suffers from.

Type B is a slightly darker, stronger lens so we recommend this more for outdoor use, especially on bright sunny days where the results can be astonishing.


Type A lenses are not as strong so we advise these more for indoor and outdoor use whereby they can still achieve the same outstanding results.


Does Pilestone provide prescription colour blind glasses?


We do not provide prescription glasses for colour blindness at this time. We do have very popular clip on lenses that will fit perfectly over prescription glasses.


What are my options if we find the glasses are not working as well as expected?


All hope should not be lost as there are other lens types that may show different results altogether.


If type A lens is not achieving the desired results then we will recommend the stronger lens type B. If you feel the results of lens type B are too intense then we may recommend lens type A.


Also, to ensure you cover all your possible options, lens type D should also be considered as these have a different lens technology and often work when other lens types fail.


Can I buy more than one pair of glasses and return any that are not working for me?


Yes definitely, we encourage people to do this but so that you are aware, please just read our returns policy to ensure you are not too late returning the glasses that are not required.