Frequent customer questions

I want to buy these glasses as a surprise gift for someone, how do I know which lens type to choose?

Pilestone’s lens type A and B show good results for nearly all colour blind people so either of these should be your first choice.

What is the difference between lens A and lens B?

Lens A is for those who suffer from less severe colour blindness and lens B is stronger for more severe colour blindness.

Lens B is the most popular choice for those wishing to obtain an extra boost of colour, even for weaker versions of colour blindness as results can be dramatic, especially in bright sunny scenic locations.

Do Pilestone provide prescription colour blind glasses?

We do not provide prescription glasses for colour blindness at this time. We do have very popular clip on lenses that will fit perfectly over prescription glasses.

What are my options if we find the glasses are not working as well as expected?

All hope should not be lost as another lens type may show different results all together. 

If lens type A is not achieving the desired results then we may recommend the stronger lens type B. If you feel the result of lens type B is too intense then we may recommend lens type A.

Type D lens may also be considered for those with Protanopia who suffer primarily with reds who are not achieving the desired results.

Can I buy more than one pair of glasses and return any that are not working for me?

Yes definitely, we encourage people to do this but so that you are aware, please read our returns policy to ensure you are not too late returning any of the glasses that are not required.

Can I return my glasses for a refund if they don’t work out for me?

Yes this is no problem, however please ensure you have read and fully understand our returns policy.