Colour Blind Test

Below there are 13 test plates each with a number inside. Enter the number you see in the box opposite or if you don’t see a number please just leave blank. After completing the test you will be scored out of 13.

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Section 13

Have you scored less than 13 correct?
If you have scored less than 13 correct then this means you have red-green colour deficiency which is the most common form of colour blindness.
If you would like your colour vision to be corrected, allowing you to pass a colour blind test and to have the life-changing gift of seeing the true beauty of the world; then we encourage you to get a pair of Pilestone's colour blind corrective glasses.
Pilestone glasses will effortlessly enhance your vision as they correct all the natural various shades of reds and greens around you.
Failing this test please select Pilestone's lens type A that provides the best results for the vast majority of the colour blind community.