Colour Blind Test

Below there are 13 test plates each with a number inside. Enter the number you see in the box opposite or if you don’t see a number please just leave blank. After completing the test you will be scored out of 13.

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Section 13

Have you scored less than 13 correct?
If your score was less than 13 then you are likely to suffer from a red-green colour blind deficiency, which is the most common form of colour blindness.
Pilestone lens technology can help correct your colour vision, enabling you to see the true beauty of your surroundings.
Pilestone lens types A and B are universal, so do not require a test to try and establish which type of colour blindness you suffer from.
Type B is a slightly darker, stronger lens so we recommend this more for outdoor use, especially on bright sunny days where the results can be astonishing.
Type A lenses are not as strong so we advise these more for indoor and outdoor use whereby they can still achieve the same outstanding results..