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Why are Pilestone colour blind corrective glasses the best option for me?


PILESTONE has taken existing technology and worked with leading experts to develop new and much improved results for the whole colour blind community.

Our range of glasses unlike other brands have been designed to look fashionable making you look good and feel great!

We keep our prices low giving you the best value possible. We would rather sell our product at a lower price to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with their purchase.


What results can I expect from your glasses?


Results can be mild to miraculous as you can see from the videos on our website. However due to the nature of colour blindness we can only guarantee a 90% success rate. Meaning one in ten people may have little to no benefit using colour corrective glasses.


Buy from us with confidence


Make an informed decision by reading our customer reviews and watching our video testimonials. Please note customer reviews are from PILESTONE on Amazon.com. We also offer a full no quibble money back guarantee on your purchase so what do you have to lose.

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