Q: I'm looking to buy some colour blind glasses as a gift but I don't know what type of colour blindness he/she suffers from.


A: Pilestone glasses are universal, so do not require a test to try and establish which type of colour blindness he suffers from. Most people will have the most success with lens types A and B, they have the same lens technology, however, type B is a slightly darker, stronger lens so we recommend this more for outdoor use. Especially on bright sunny days where the results can be astonishing.


Q: Does Pilestone provide prescription colour blind glasses?


A: Yes, however you will need to order from our USA based store www.pilestone.com - Simply choose your glasses and select the option add regular or progressive prescription and afterwards contact support@pilestone.com with your prescription details and your order number.


Q: What are my options if we find the glasses are not working as well as expected?


A: Option1: Return your glasses for a full refund.

Option 2: Speak to a member of our team and exchange for a different lens (still eligible for a refund if the new lens does not work)

All hope should not be lost as there are other lens types that may show different results altogether. If type A is not achieving the desired results then we will recommend the stronger lens type B. However, if type B are too intense then we may recommend lens A. Failing lens A/B often times they will need our lens D that has a different lens technology altogether and will often work when other lens types fail.


Q: Can I buy more than one pair of glasses and return any that are not working for me?


A: Yes, we encourage people to do this so they can compare each lens and choose the one that works best for them.