Colour Blind Glasses

Pilestone colour blind corrective glasses are all equipped with the latest colour blind technology; ensuring those suffering with colour blindness - maximum colour impact in their new world of clear and vibrant colour. Our high-quality and sleek in design glasses are cost-effective as we believe in making our glasses affordable is a righteous decision in helping the colour blind community.


Take the world's most popular online colour blind test made by Pilestone to find out your type and severity of colour blindness.


Color blindness type: Recommended lens:
Mild/moderate Deutan or Protan Lens A (Universal)
Strong/severe Deutan or Protan Lens B (Universal)
Mild-strong Deutan Lens C (Indoor lens)
Strong/severe Protan Lens D (Protan only)
Mild-strong Tritan Lens E (Tritan only)

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