Pilestone - Colour Blind Experts

Pilestone was founded by Ben Zhang in 2015 in Philadelphia, United States. And after working with experts from all around the world to develop 'one-of-a-kind' colour correction glasses using the most up to date and advanced technology he then went on to get FDA registration in 2016 for United States distribution.

And this is where the story really starts. From here on Pilestone's brand made a rapid rise to the top amongst the colour blind community. Results had been so life-changing we have been featured in dozens of highly regarded news channels including Fox News.

Then in 2017 Pilestone opened up headquarters all around the world including Europe and Russia. Since doing so we have been able to change the lives of hundreds of thousands of colour blind children and adults across the globe.


FOX NEWS reported GM-2 Colour Correction Glasses


Here's what our Chief Executive has to say

''Don’t let your color blindness stop you from seeing the true beauty of the world around you. At Pilestone we don’t just pride ourselves in being Colour Blind Experts, but also in crafting glasses that allow our customers to both look and feel good! You see, when purchasing from Pilestone, you’re purchasing glasses with colour correcting lenses of only the highest integrity and quality frames crafted to last a lifetime. Our glasses don’t just help you see colour, they help you live more colorfully.''

- James Pacey, CEO of Pilestone.co.uk